Wi-Fi IP camera video intercom AW007P-HD on battery

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Wi-Fi IP camera video intercom AW007P-HD on battery

Works with iOS and Android devices

The camera is mounted near an entrance door where communication with visitors is to be made. It is designed for surface mounting with an adjoining console.

To connect with subscribers, the visitor presses the bell button.

For visualization and conversation with visitors, subscribers must be equipped with Android or iOS-based mobile or tablet-connected smart devices or tablets with an application installed application attached to the device.

For the IP video doorphone to work, 12V power supply is required. For data transmission, a Wi-fi LAN connection is used with the desktop wireless router to deliver the Internet to the site. The camera works wirelessly

By using this camera type, you can answer a ringtone directly from your mobile phone even when you are not at home and you are using another network or mobile Internet. You can not activate a locking device with it.

Information about the video image in front of the entrance can also be videotaped from the mobile device for unwanted visitors.

Camera, instruction, power USB cable, mobile software - free application.


The camera is suitable for installation in one-family houses, offices, apartments and even in elevators, where the cable is forgotten, and intercom installation is needed. It can also be used with a slightly different purpose, such as calling and colloquial monitoring for elderly and sick people at home.

Scope to router:

In the case of a weak signal, use a repeater to amplify the Wi-Fi signal.


Resolution 1 MP, 720P(1280X720)
Chipset Hi3518Е
Compression H.264
P2P Yes
Lens 3.6 mm
Angle 90 °
Memory SD card - no
IR LED 1 pcs IR LED up to 1 m IR lighting
Audio G.711 two way audio
Waterproof IP 65
Network Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 4 dB
Material Aluminum & Plastic
Dimension 110/70/25 mm
Color Gold
Power 5V USB with battery
Wireless bell 433MHz No
Compatible OS
Android iLnk View
iOS iLnk View

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