4.3 "color TFT LED video doorphone - set - AW-03/43M/40K

4.3 "color TFT LED video doorphone - set - AW-03/43M/40K

Brand: Korea
Product Code: AW-03/43M/40K
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TThe set is suitable for a house, apartment or office.

The connection between the monitor and the intercom is  four-wire. A UTP or FTP cat5 cable is appropriate.

The build in camera with speaker is light gray colour, surface mounting in a metal housing. Adjustable are the volume with trimer as well position of view of camera up and down. Dimensions 100 x 142 x 44 mm.

Camera features - 1/3 "color CMOS sensor. There is backlight with 2 white LEDs.

The monitor is gray with a stylish mirror design, color pearl white,  4.3 "TFT LED display,  without headset with speakerphone. Supports two cameras and interphone. When connecting in parallel several video monitors can be installed in different rooms. In this case, when someone bell at front door, all of monitors will ring sumultaneously.  Needed pover suply of the monitors only is  220 V. The monitor contains build in plug connector for 200V. Consumption is only 8 W. Dimensions 180 x 180 x 35mm.

The maximum distance between the camera and the monitor is 150m.

The set includes: Video intercom with power cord,  camera with speaker, connectors, connection instructions.

Note: if more video intercoms or input boards are required to connect to this set, please request a price!

Waranty 2 years

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