Automatic Food Dispenser With Wifi Feeder For Pets With Camera

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PlegableFolding feed container and pet food storage container facilitate cleaning and provide your pet with a cleaner and safer food environment. It is convenient to observe the remaining food in the barrel to avoid contamination of the bacterial impurities of the hair.

 Accurately distribute the right amount of food to each feeding hour. Camera in real time: look at your pet at any time and at any time.

The 100,000.0 pixel front camera can record every movement of your pet. You can watch your dog or cat whenever you want, as long as there is light.

 Easily set the time of the meal and the amount of food that will be delivered through the mobile phone, and regularly feed pets in a healthier way to prevent pets from becoming full or starving. You can observe the feeding situation of the pet through the camera.

Size: 32.5 * 35.6 * 23cm, Volume: 4L, Weight: 2.5kg, Power supply: 110-240V, Wide-angle lens camera Free iOS and Android App., Wi-Fi 2.4GHz connection, Two-way audio Night vision, Using the professional high power motors, powerful processing capabilities, and fine grain Smart precision remote food, no concern Suitable for most dog cat food granules on the market, 5-15mm High definition of the image processing technology, lighter during the day, no casting color at night Intelligent wireless sound wave configuration technology, easy to access Two-way voice, noise cancellation cancellation circuit, power speaker Higher energy / battery power (Not included), priority use power, switch battery power when the power is off Application software It is easy to download and install, feature-rich, mature and stable.

How to install?

Dispenser for water capacity 0,5L
Feeding times 1-4
Hopper capacity 4L
Mobile App Yes(English language), remote video, audio and feeding
Recording time 15sec
Single meal capacity 1-10 portions (1 portion 10g)
size of the food 5-15mm
Dimension (mm) 330/360/230 3kg
Power 110~220V/ 5V/2A or batteries

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