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Windows Intercom, suitable for a cash desk in a bank, an exchange office, a cash desk for payment of utility services, etc.

1. Metal body, elegant design,

2. Two-way audio communication,

3. Microprocessor with noise reduction function,

4. Elegant microphone with real voice transmission,

5. The volume of the main station and the slave station may be adjusted separately,

6. Easy installation, there is only one wire to connect to the main station,

7. Recording output, you can connect external recording equipment,

8. Suitable for installation on any type of glass. Indoor or outdoor installation.

9. Size of the main station: 135x95x50MM, Size of the slave station: ¢ 70x20MM.

Set: Indoor station with volume controls, speaker and microphone, external speaker with microphone, connecting cable and connectors, power adapter, 3M stickers.

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