How to imitate a permanent presence in the workplace or home?
29 Jul

How to imitate a permanent presence in the workplace or home?

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Very often freelancers complain that they are not able to clone themselves every day, when tasks and meetings follow. At the same time  there is a big chanse  an IMPORTANT VISITOR to be missed,  because the office door is locked and there is not any information. As a result thevisitor has lost patience  front of the office door.

When  we come across this problem, as well as those related to workplace presence or home when we are on holiday or simply away, we find out that we may miss an important client or a notification at that time. As a great solution of that problem are IP doorphone cameras managed by iOS and Android-based smart devices.

With them now, everything is easier!

Devices connect to a home LAN network using a cable or Wi-Fi. A free mobile app installation  allows quick and easy setup, and when you insert a memory card  also get a record of the visitor.

It is very important when choosing an IP video intercom to make an accurate assessment of what you need to choose the best solution.

First of all, there are questions about the available installation, cables and type of montage.

As far as the positioning of the entrance camera is concerned, it is important to specify whether it will be for flush or surface mounting. The flush monted installation is a prerequisite for greater security and stability, but the surface mount is a solution when everything has been already decorated.

It is important to consider whether an Internet cable (or an available Wi-Fi band) can be provided, as well as a power cord to the entry point to select a battery model or a powered model. Fixed-power devices support and relay contact for  door release or other locking mechanism. Battery devices  can co-operate on standby within half a year or more in standby mode with the available battery but do not manage unlocking.

There are individual cameras on the market - video intercoms that are connected with Internet (P2P  cloud comunication) with a smart device (s). As an internal device may be used - tablet (s), mobile phone (s) or others . The individual cameras work with cables, wireless or on battery, making them very flexible in different assemblies. For most of them can be added a mobile wireless ringtone generator which bell by pressing the call button as well as some have built-in access control.

In addition there are not only  standalone IP video cameras,  also have individual IP video intercoms sets as well  multi-channel IP video intercoms and systems that consist of an entrance camera (s) and IP video displays(Wallpads), but they must also use wiring and  POE power supply.

Such systems have been  made by  Commax-Korea, which use LAN and connect to mobile devices with their own cloud based in Switzerland for Europe. In addition, the Wallpad has built-in IoT communication to connect with wireless alarm sensors and controllers for control of other devices that turn it into a home automation system.

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